Sliding and swinging doors that fit anywhere

At Aluflam, we believe that a door isn't just something you go in and out of. Aluflam doors of wood, steel, glass or aluminium are well-thought-out systems that satisfy high standards of fire safety without compromising on aesthetics. Rather, the doors become a natural and integrated part of the rest of the interior environment.

For the building developer who wants a bright, open and welcoming glass entrance to a head office or public buildings such as ministries or museums: we have the solution. Aluflam glass sliding doors open up large and small buildings with both narrow and broad solutions that smartly beckon in sunlight, air and people too.

One of the benefits of Aluflam's AF85 sliding doors is that they come in large versions with a sturdy thermal envelope for outdoor installation and indoor use. Because they can be opened even where space is very limited, Aluflam sliding doors are ideal for small offices. While they can be made to measure, they also meet the highest fire technical and sound insulation requirements of up to EI60.


  • AF55
  • AF70
  • AF85
  • AF120

Fire-resistance class:

  • Up to EI60

Benefits of Aluflam doors:

  • Fireproof systems from EI30 to EI60
  • Sound insulation of up to Rw = 40 dB
  • Narrow lines of door frames and doors
  • Variety of finishes such as wood, steel, glass and aluminium
  • Variety of glass thickness options
  • Accessories such as laminated glazing, door knobs and coloured hinges

Benefits of Aluflam glass sliding doors:

  • Narrow lines with narrow profiles
  • Made to measure and in all sizes up to: Max. 200 cm door width x 212 cm door height
  • Available in single or multi-layer glass designs
  • Various opening and closing mechanisms
  • Laminated glazing can be installed on the glass systems
  • One of the most fireproof and soundproof systems in the industry
  • Options for soundproof lower door moulding

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Aluflam Extrusion offers a wide range of micro and precision aluminium profiles for different market sectors.

UAB ALUFLAM was founded in 2001 as a branch of the Danish company ALUFLAM A/S in Eastern Europe.
The main activity of the company – production and montage of various aluminum constructions in all Europe, especially production of fireproof aluminum-glass constructions.

Aluflam glass facades & A+ windows.

Aluflam Australia is a manufacturing factory under the trademark license of Aluflam which mainly caters Australian and New Zealand market.

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